The WoD portrait

 Warriors of Discord are chaos personified. Truly insane brutes spawned by priests of Fervus, they are trained in a Warrior's Guild to wield huge bladed polearms. They are frightening not only because of their massive, over-muscled bodies, but also due to their disconnection from reality.

Oftently reffered to as "WoD" or "Discordian".

General InfoEdit

Primary Stat: Vitality

The perfect combination of high health and high damage. If a WoD can't kill it, then it's unbeatable. Everything related to WoDs screams "DAMAGE!!!". They have their own unique lines or armor and weapons, the innate ability to attack more enemies at once (considering their weapon choice and their appearance in Majesty, they swipe their pointy weapons around ) and get a nice unblockable attack every once in a while in battle, which increases in power as the WoD levels up. Immunity to Poison ensures that the Wod's ridiculously-high hitpoint pool will stay put in certain situations, but these actually compensate for the WoD's lack of brain cells, as teaching a WoD magic is like making a Dwarf grow up. Low defensive stats don't help either.

Starting stats:

Strenght: 36-41 (high)

Vitality: 36-41 (high)

Intelligence:  3-8 (r-tard)

Willpower: 13-18 (low)

Artifice: 4-9  (low)

Hand-To-Hand : 95 (high)

Ranged : 0 (none)

Dodge: 30-35 (low)

Parry: 30-25 (low)

Luck : 15 (standard)

Magic Resistance: 5 (low)

Damage: 0 

Armor: 0

XP Required for Level-Up: 2000

Spells and Abilities

  • Starts with the Howl of Discord ability, which does unblockable damage to 5 enemies every now-and-then in combat. Damage depends on hero's level.
  • Starts with Immunity to Poison, which no longer allows poisonous mosnters to chip away at the WoD's health and prevents water-poisoning in the Hellfire Mountains.
  • Starts with Critical Hit 3%. Doesn't increase. Not that it would make a difference.....
  • Learns how to swing the scythe like a madman (aka Attack Multiple Foes ability) at level 3.

Class GuideEdit

Progression? KILL EVERYTHING. See that enemy? CHARGE!!!

The WoD murders his way through waves and waves of enemies and doesn't give a single... ENEMY! WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!...... Yeah, use this tactic.Venn's Spire shouldn't take longer than 100 turns. Mayhew is finished effortless, while a bit of tactic is required for Lormidia's Sewers.

Merlan's Quests can be done with a batch of Monster Detection and some temple enchantments JUST AFTER LEVEL 10. No joke here, only.... SOMETHING MOVED! KILL IT! WAAAAAAAAH!

The Discordian doesn't know what difficulty is. Only the scarediness of the player can stop the Discordian from sieging Thallis as soon as level 20, altough you might want to avoid later areas until your defensive stats are higher than your Intelligence.

Overall, the WoD is the "dumb muscle" ...... RABBIT! WAAAAAAH! DIE RABBIT! ....... Indeed.

The best items for a WoD include, but are not limited to:

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