The Heroes of Ardania Forums are the game's current forum.

Do not mistake it for the Dev Forum.


The heroes of Ardania Forum is running on MegaBBS ASP Forum Software since it's appearance in 2002.

Players can access the Forums through a link in the bottom-left portion of the game screen.

There are 39 total forums, out of which only 8 are official, the others being Clan Forums, remnants of the removed Clan System, that were not removed at the Great Reset of 2010  because they were active.


The Announcements Thread cannot be accesed by normal users; only Game Developers have the right to post in this thread. It features important game announcements, like game changes, new features, info about downtimes and Resets, and temporary game features.

The Experience Points (FAQ) Thread is an out-dated threadwhich features old information and strategy guides, altough some info is still up-to-date, like Karmic's Epitome of Forum Posting.

The General Thread is where discussions, bragging, game feedback and Forum games usually occur.

The Bug Report Thread is where players msut go if they find out anything that's not working in the game. There are usually only minor user-related errors, forum bugs and spelling errors.

The Wish List Thread is where players can go and ask for different things. Certain features were implemented (or eliminated) at players' requests in this Thread. Asking for more Turns can be done here, altough nobody ever seen this wish come true because of this Thread.

The Help Thread is a thread where users post their in-game problems and ask for help, and where other, more experienced suers provide them information about what must they do. Questions about the game go here. newbies should also go here.

The Story Tellers Thread is only for role-playing, creating game-related fanfic and stories and playing role-play based Forum games. Some of the stories in here got featured in the Valmorgen Library.

The Tournaments Forum is a special section of the Forum. Fairgrounds Tournaments were promoted and decided here, along with rules and contest winners. It is mostly abandoned because of the small playerbase of the game.

The Clan Forums are another special section of the Forum.  Only users who were part of an active Clan before the Great Reset of 2010 can access only their Clan's Forum from here. Because of the Reset and the smaller playerbase, these are mostly abandoned now.

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