These are the hero classes that can be chosen for playing Heroes of Ardania. there is no limit on how many heroes one can have in his player account.

General InformationEdit

The Hero Classes in Heroes of Ardania are the ones used in the game on which Heroes of Ardania is based, Majesty.

The players can choose their  hero's gender, altough it doesn't have any effect . The original portraits (shown below), were made by Cyberlore artist Jim Dubois, while their other-gender counterparts, made especially for the game, were made by the players of Heroes of Ardania, notably ThunderForge.


The Hero Classes follow the examples of those in Majesty.

Non-Human Classes

  • Dwarf - known for it's high initial Magic Resistance.
  • Elf - ranged Class
  • Gnome - weak class, the only one that evolves. Becomes very strong afterwards.

Standard Classes

  • Warrior - known for it's high damage reduction
  • Ranger - strong ranged Class
  • Rogue - stealthy ranged Class
  • Wizard - fragile but devastating spellcaster.

Temple-alligned Classes

  • Barbarian -  strong worshiper of Krolm.
  • Adept - fast worshiper of Lunord.
  • Solarus - fiery worshipper of Helia
  • Healer - loving worshipper of Agrela
  • Priestess - dreaded worshipper of Krypta
  • Monk - silent worshipper of Dauros
  • Cultist - mad worshipper of Fervus
  • Paladin - righteous Warrior worshipping Dauros
  • Warrior of Discord - insane Warrior worshipping Fervus

Note that each class plays differently. Some may seem harder, some may seem easier, but they are balanced overall.

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