The Gnome, staring angrily at the better heroes and muttering under his breath conspiracy theories and world domination plans....

Gnomes are filthy little creatures who live in hovels that are easily mistaken for scrap heaps. Other races shun settlements that accept Gnomes into their service. Once Gnomes reach level eight, they are upgraded to Gnome Champions. They are the only class to receive an upgrade.

The Gnome Champion, ready to bruise any enemy to death. Literally.

General InfoEdit

Primary Stat: Willpower

Wanna die? Pick a Gnome. Seriously. Well, pick a level 1 Gnome. Why? Because, after level 8, they are no longer Gnomes. They are Gnome Champions. The difference? an ultra-strenght boost, some more hit-points and the ability to boost your already high defence stats with your ridiculously-high Luck  stat. Want this in dummy terms? You start up as a pintsized fragile hero-wannabe and soon become a pint-sized titanium wall. Should I also mention that Gnomes are never poor? Their Luck skill makes them win three times as often as other classes at gambling. It also helps them to block the annoying leprechauns' spell. And it's the only class able to do that.

For the first 7 levels your motto is "stay alive, get experience" . For the rest of the game, you'll sing "Can't touch this!" to every enemy while chipping away their health with your  amazing stabbing skills. After all, gnomes are supposed to be child-sized midgets, so all they can carry is daggers. Hilarity ensues when the Gnome equips the Golem Fist weapon..... Anyway, your primary stat is not a big help, other than making you get more Temple Enchantments than usual. But don't be silly. Your enemies don't even know how to count to half the numbers showed at your defensive stats. Indeed, if they touch you, it's one-hit kill, but seriously, late-game Gnomes' only problem is how to deal more damage before the enemy gets bored of missing.

Starting stats:

Strenght: 2-7 (laughable)

Vitality: 4-9 (lame)

Intelligence:  13-18 (better than nothing)

Willpower: 19-24 (average)

Artifice: 13-18  (in there just for the sake of it)

Hand-To-Hand : 20 (can't hit anythnig)

Ranged : 0 (none)

Dodge: 75 (high)

Parry: 75 (high)

Luck : 21 (best)

Magic Resistance: 0 (none)

Damage: 0 

Armor: 0

XP Required for Level-Up: 750

Spells and Abilities

  • Starts with the Building ability, which lets the Gnome work at the Palace as a Builder. Gives good money and XP for the frist 2-3 levels, useless afterwards.
  • Only needs 750 XP for level up. If any other hero would have this, you'd see heroes with level 100.
  • Becomes a Gnome Champion as level 8, getting +8 Strenght, +25 HP, a fancy new Portrait and probably the best skill in the game, described below
  • Gains the Combat Luck ability upon becoming a Gnome Champion. It adds the already-high Luck stat to Hand-To-Hand, Dodge, Parry and MGR. This makes it the only class that can make use of Emerald Trinkets/Pendants and Elf Beard Rings.

Class GuideEdit

Proceed carefully during your first steps in the Sewers: anything that hits you, kills you. Up until level 7, be on the lookout for ANYTHING ( the Blessing enchantment might prove useful ). After level 8... The strategy is the same, only you don't have to fear your own shadow anymore. Just fear ...anything else.

Your ability to hit your enemies is limited; your Hand-To-Hand will be under 50 until you've gained some more levels, which means that you can only hit.... mostly nothing. Still, H2H increases with Luck, and so do your defenses. Get as many Luck-increasing items as possible. Make use of the Wand of Lightning Storm when you're outnumbered by  stronger non-magic foes , as your Intelligence is not to be underestimated. The quests in Mayhew and Lormidia need quite some preparation and timing, and the rewards aren't very... rewarding. but your only goal is MOAR LUCK. Your damage will suck. We all know that. It's a known and proven fact. Your damage WILL suck. But you'll have to learn to live with it. Increasing your Intelligence and using different wands and spells might prove to be an useful, if not expensive, idea. But your damage will still suck. And considering your amazing combat stats, your enemies' damage will suck more than yours, so be happy and get LUCKy. 

The best items for a Gnome Champions include, but are not limited to:

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