The male Adept Portrait, as seen in Majesty

Trained in the use of both spells and ancient martial techniques, these followers of Lunord are a valued combat asset in any kingdom. Only the most fleet footed may be considered for training as an Adept, which usually starts in one's early teenage years.

General InfoEdit

Primary Stat: Strenght

The Adept is considered a strong class, suitable for both offence and defence. Its innate +3 Damage combined witht it's unique Double-attack makes up for its inability to use weapons other than staves, and its relatively-high starting combat stats and it's speed make it unique. Despite being a Strenght class, its Spellcasting abilities are not to be ignored. Starting defensive stats are on par with the Gnome, making the Adept one of the most well-defended classes in the early-game.

Starting stats:

Strenght: 17-22 (average)

Vitality: 16-21 (average)

Intelligence:  20-25 (average)

Willpower: 17-22 (average)

Artifice: 8-13 (low)

Hand-To-Hand : 75 (average)

Ranged : 0 (none)

Dodge: 75 (average)

Parry: 75 (average)

Luck : 15 (standard)

Magic Resistance: 0 (very low)

Damage: 3 

Armor: 0

XP Required for Level-Up: 1400

Spells and Abilities

  • Starts with an innate +3 Damage, to increase the effectiveness of staves
  • Gains the Teleport spell at level 4, allowing the hero to flee from combat instantly upon reaching a critically-low hitpoint limit imposed by the player.
  • Learns the Double Attack Ability at level 6, allowing to hero to attack the same enemy twice per combat round.
  • Has the single biggest Speed in the game.

Class GuideEdit

Progression should be fast for the Adept. Early-game, the Adept can take on any route out of Valmorgen, being able to complete all of the challenges in Venn's Spire with ease while also having minimal difficulties against the enemies found in the  Valmorgen Tunnels, provided that Temple Enchantments are used.

Completion of the Mayhew quests is fast and painless. Lormidia can be taken on fairly early, with the necessary preparations, of course. Farming the Fertile Plains is easy for the Adept, and  Merlan's Quests can be completed fast. the Dark Forest events and encounters can be taken care of easily, and the HellFire Mountains are good for mid-game hunting.

Obtaining the schematic items from the Libraries is done rather fast, and progression from Thallis to Krolm's Anvil is arguably the same as for other classes. Extra care is needed when facing spellcasting enemies, as the Adept has low Magic Resistance.

The best items for an Adept include, but are not limited to:

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